Santo Do Outro Lado


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“Saint of The Other Side”
From the Dancefloor Saints series.

This series was created in early 2016 to be sold at Boom and Envision.
If you’ve ever been to these events you know that one of the highlights are those people who really stand out from the other party-goers, the ones that went the extra mile in their festival-production-kit, that really live and breathe the whole festival lifestyle. Inspired by these characters I decided to make this series, in which each of the self proclaimed saints preaches his views and teachings unto others.

This particular print portrays that character who is very much in touch with his psychedelic-spirituality. The person who knows about every single psychedelic inducer that you’ve ever heard of and some which have names that you aren’t even able to pronounce. They always start their sentences with “let me explain to you…” and they will usually have a feather sticking out from their hair.

Edition of /50 + 5 AP
Four-colour screen print on paper.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Printed on 200 g/m2 Kraft Paper.
Laser cut.
Hand splattered with coffee stains, to age print.
27 x 39 cm.

On sale here are some Numbered Prints + some Artist Proof Prints – they are both sold at the same price.

Now also available with a custom built plexiglass frame.
Please allow for 8 days for frame to be produced.

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