Aparatosa Envolvência Botânica

The first spot in Lisbon to be 100% dedicated to Gin had to be born from the will of the Gin Lovers team. They revolutionized how Gin was being served in the capital, they launched National Gin Day… and now they bring us one all-comprising-space; gin bar, store, restaurant & lifestyle.

Located in the ground floor of Embaixada – a neo-Moorish palace from the 1800s – in the heart of the trendy Príncipe Real neighbourhood, Gin Lovers Príncipe Real has a relaxed atmosphere that integrates the space it’s in perfectly. DJ Miss K is in charge of music, with moods carefully curated to the specific time of day, night and season – the dominance of fado, jazz and bossa nova during the day give way to party DJs at night on party nights and weekends.

Portuguese artist Mário Belém made a special mural – a mixed-technique work with wood on acrylic – the artists’ interpretation of the botanical elements in Gin, like hibiscus, cinnamon and juniper, and adequately named: Ostentatious botanical surroundings (Aparatosa Envolvência Botânica in Portuguese).