Manter a Fachada

“Manter a fachada” (wordplay with “keeping up appearances” and “taking care of the exterior wall”). This was a project I started with the intention of creating small scale murals on eroding walls all over Portugal. The idea was to mix photos of the wall, with objects that were created for each site, and present them within small photo narratives.



Manter a Fachada 01 – Painted in Bunheira, in the south of Portugal.



Manter a Fachada 02 – Painted in Porto Carvoeiro on the Douro River, in the north of Portugal.



Manter a Fachada 03 – Painted on an abandoned border patrol house in Parque Natural de Montesinhos in Trás-os-montes, right on the border between Portugal and Spain.




Manter a Fachada 04 – Painted on a oyster farmer’s shack at Ria Formosa next to the Island of Tavira, in the south of Portugal.