Cala-te a Ama-me

Two pieces created for the Soma exhibition at Underdogs Gallery.

“SOMA – a current portrait of urban-inspired contemporary art in Portugal”
YEAR-END GROUP SHOW – 28 November to 23 December 2014 

±MaisMenos± / Add Fuel / AkaCorleone / Dwelle / Mar / Maria Imaginário / Mário Belém / Pantónio / Paulo Arraiano / Pedro Matos / Wasted Rita.

 “Soma” presents at the Underdogs Gallery a unit composed from a widely diverse universe of authorial visual languages, celebrating the vitality and wealth of this very heterogeneity; adding people and bringing different talents together, expressing their individual voices in the same space, creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The pieces themselves were based upon one of our society’s biggest taboos: the notion that as you age your opinions and your dreams stop being as important and respected as when you were younger. As you age your dreams wither away… “Cala-te e ama-me” means “Shut up and love me”.

The man has 100x180cm, the woman has 70x180cm. Acrylic paint on layered plywood.

Arrested Motion featured a small article with some more photos of all of the artists’ work.