Xucun Art Residency

Xucun, deep in the Taihang Mountain range in Central China, is an 2,000-year-old traditional agricultural village relatively cut off from infrastructure. Its population of around 1,600 has been diminishing as young people leave for distant mining towns and urban areas. In turn, its unique architecture – some of which dates back around 400 years – is disappearing due as much to a lack of resources as lack of pride and identification.

Supported by the Heshun County, artist Qu Yan resolved to devise a programme that could help invigorate the community through the arts. Thus, Xucun Art Commune was born, a biennial artist residency accompanied by an art festival, which in our first two cycles has seen around 50 artists arriving in Xucun to live with locals in their homes.

I was lucky to be part of the first residency to invite street artists, I honestly fell in love with China, it was one of the most amazing trips ever <3 . I was lucky to meet and paint alongside some great artists, like Stinkfish and Tinho .