Popa Art Projects

This project was a super fun to do, for a very bold client. Quinta do Pôpa created a line of three wines, each with their fine tuned characteristics, and wanted them to somehow stand out in the Douro wine production panorama. Their briefing was to create the wines with titles of pulp fiction books, I was given absolute freedom to illustrate them as I wished.

“Pôpa Art Projects is the B side of Netos do Pôpa (Pôpa’s Grandchildren), a space to experiment wine that explores unexpected combinations, challenges centennial preconceptions and breaks down paradigms – as well as a few bottles along the way – with its own approach to the world of art.

The art of Pôpa Art Projects is not a simple embellishment of wine features; it is also the soul that runs inside them. The art and wine found here are one and tell the same story.”

Have a look at their site: Popa Art Projects  and Quinta do Pôpa.